Villa Escudero (San Pablo, Laguna)


Its a bright, sunny and hot Sunday! Where to go? We decided to go to Villa Escudero. We were reminiscing the last time we were there… Our feet in the water while watching the falls and having refreshments. 

 We arrived at Villa Escudero mid-afternoon. Day tour is Php 1,000. If we arrived lunchtime, we could have availed for the lunch buffet. But thats alright, we anyway just wanted a relaxing Sunday afternoon 😊  

Since the afternoon heat still prevails, we decided to hide from the sun by having a tour at the Church Museum. The museum features a wide variety of items: religous icons, preserved insects and animals, letters of Sening Escudero to Conching Escudero, dolls representing various nationalities, outfit of Phillipines Presidents (from Emilio Aguinaldo), old Japanese war suits, etc. Taking pictures is not allowed in the museum. 

Church Museum

Next stop: Labasin Waterfalls Restaurant via Carabao Transport  


Country songs were sung by a lady in Filipiniana dress while a man plays a guitar. We were entertained by their serenade during our short trip 😊

Its a good thing that we’re wearing slippers,  we can go to the waterfalls restaurant with foot wears on. 


The water gushing between our toes felt just right. We ordered food and drinks then enjoyed the cool ambiance. I’m loving the sound of the waterfalls and wished that our workplace has the same ambiance πŸ˜›

Labasin Waterfalls Restaurant


We wanted to stay a bit longer, but in 45 minutes, Villa Escudero will close. We then headed to the Rafting Area. 

 At the rafting dock, there was a family enjoying fishing. After catching fishes, they throw them back  to the lake. 
Before leaving Villa Escudero, we passed by the Indie Cafe and the pool. The Indie Cafe is just  along  the lake and has this great view. 

Indie Cafe


We also passed by the House Museum and also took wacky pictures with the tanks and war relics. 

House Museum


Bye for now Villa Escudero, we’ll visit again soon! 😊 


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