An Apple Everyday Keeps the Boredom Away


My husband and I have been a fan of the iphone for two years now.

I started with the iphone 3GS (8 gigabytes) in Y2010. I thought that 8 gigabytes will be more than enough. I was thinking that I’ll anyway just use it for sms, calls, taking pictures and a couple of games. The application available for iphone grew. I have found myself wishing that I should have chosen the highest capacity so I can download all the applications that I found useful and games that I found so entertaining.

I was so fond with my new iphone that I asked my family for a x carlink so I can play music from my iphone and as well serve as a car charger. My x carlink was very useful, I get to play music from my iphone and as well get to charge my iphone while on transit.

We usually love to do roadtrips. Google maps of the iphone is very useful. We have relied on it to reach our place of destination. If you’re not subscribed to unli data surf (I’m using this term since we’re both Globe network subacribers), we suggest that you download the Citimaps application of the iphone. You can download the map that covers your place of destination, phone signal is the only connection that you need to use this application, no need to connect to the internet.

Even in our travel abroad, we have relied on google maps and citimaps! However take caution using the GPS abroad, our phone bill was 4 times our usual monthly bill when we got home.

After a year, I shifted to an iphone 4. The iphone market grow fast that my iphone 3GS’s market value in one year’s time is just 1/4 of its acquisition price. Iphone 4s then was already in the market which have added to the decrease in market value of the iphone 3GS.

In less than 1 year after I bought my iphone 4, iphone 5 was introduced to the market. I was having second thoughts if I will again upgrade my iphone. I thought that well I probably should not.

The iphone 5 launch in the Philippines via the Globe network was last December 14, 2012. Two weeks before the launch, we were curious of the iphone 5. We checked out the network’s website and have found that iphone 5 reservations can be done through their website. We realized a good deal, we can get an iphone 5 by re-contracting our phone plans for another two years, have our phone plan upgraded to an unli data plan (limitless internet browsing) and a cashout of 1/4 the phone’s price. We were able to join the launch and have painstakingly and patiently waited in line for 10 hours. Mine was white while my husband chose black. We instantly bought phone casings. I got myself a Viva Madrid casing (colored yellow and blue) Its a very useful casing, it has a provision as phone stand and it has a front cover. You can use the phone stand for facetime while driving.

There was one dilemma when we shifted to iphone 5, the 30-pin port is now a lightning port. My x carlink and my husband’s JBL music player and docking station is now useless. We now need to buy an adaptor from 30-pin to lightning. The adaptor for docking stations sold like pancakes and it was difficult to look for one. I was fortunate to have the last stock in a store. When I saw it on display, I grabbed it. About 10 seconds later, a customer went in the store inquiring for the same product. I paid for it immediately to ensure that its mine 🙂

The adaptor worked perfectly. I was able to play music and have my phone charged at the same time.


My iphone do take my boredom away and as well have increased my productivity. I have everything in one device. I have my maps, calendar, books, email, games, bills and budget trackers, photos and a lot more! My communication with my husband who is periodically out of country is through imessage and facetime, a phone bill saver!

For iphone users, to enjoy applications that are not free, I suggest that you download the AppsGoneFree application. It will alert you of applications that will be free of charge when downloaded and the duration when its free.

I have recently downloaded Halftone. Its a paid application but was affered free for a limited time. The application is very entertaining, it actually will stimulate your creative side. Download it as well and enjoy the same as I do 🙂

If you also have a great iphone experience, would love to hear from you 🙂


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