Our Love of Photography


Before, taking pictures was an ordinary thing for me, using a digital camera would be fine as long as faces of the subjects are clear in the proofs.

Two years back, when my husband (then boyfriend) and I switched to iphones, he started to get interested with photography. The reason for this is he got fond of the results of the iphone camera. With his eagerness to obtain more vivid photos, he got himself a DLSR two months after.

He then got passionate with photography that he switched DLSRs until he was satisfied with one, the Nikon D7000. Our trips and travels would usually be photoshoots of sceneries. He would also let me hold his camera and teach me how to use it. I as well suddenly got interested with photography that I also wanted a DLSR!

I then bought my own DLSR, my first was the Nikon 3100. He suggested this brand and model so we can switch camera lenses. I tried to learn and improve my photography skills eversince I got my own camera.


Our pre-nuptial pictures include our D.I.Y. photos which we made sure to be included in our coffee table album and AVP.


When we got married, we got fond of travelling. We have travelled a lot, and DLSRs are very handy. You can produce photos the way you want the results to be.


(Picture Perfect photo soon to be posted)

Photography has become our hobby. My husband has even learned and mastered post photo processing just to bring out the best in all his shots. With his passion for photography, he has made submissions to the Manila Bulletin’s Picture Perfect to by chance have his best post-processed photo featured. His wish was granted on Valentine’s Day of Y2012, his photo was feautred in Manila Bulletin’s Picture Perfect.

He invested on camera lenses and camera accessories to produce better pictures of sceneries. It was only recently that he got interested taking portrait pictures. To produce good portrait pictures, he then invested on light stands, softbox, flash bender, reflectors and the umbrella. My husband even upgraded my DLSR to a Nikon D90, so I can get better photos and have a better handle when changing camera settings. I’m happy with my upgraded camera 🙂

Realizing that he already has most of the gears to produce good portrait and sceneries pictures, the idea of putting up a photography services business surfaced.

Together with my husband, myself and my sister-in-law, we already have covered four events in a period of two months. The events are: a Luncheon Meeting, Baptism, Debut and Birthday Party. We are looking forward to cover a Wedding, hopefully we get to engage one, one of these days 🙂


I am currently improving on my post photo processing skills. Yes, I’m as well hooked to photography and post photo processing. There is joy in seeing good results and being able to capture the best moments in an event and in seeing our clients satisfied smile while browsing through the proofs 🙂

You may view the photos resulting from the events that we have covered at:


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