My Bridal Shower


Magazine Shot

Its only about a month more to go before our big day. I was busy with preparations and doing wedding detail checks. I was happy and excited as all bride will feel.

Nothing could have felt more good with people around you feeling the same way for you. I was overwhelmed with the Bridal Shower thrown by my dear friends and adorable office mates. The effort exerted, the happiness that they also feel and their excitement made me feel very special.

I always cherish happy thoughts, I consider these my drive to look forward for more to come.



Bridal Shower by Officements…. 

I still remember the exact date, it was on January 20, 2012. A week before this, Lanie our party organizer, have sent an email to all saying that there will be a party for the January birthday celebrants. Everybody then anticipated this event. January 20 is a Friday, since my then boyfriend (now husband) is in the country, we usually try to maximize time, so I am usually in a hurry to leave the office at 5pm.

All through out the day, most of them would ask if I could make it to the party, to which I always respond to “I’ll try”. Come 5pm, Marcel (my husband’s  friend too) was in a hurry to go to the event, which I find odd because he usually stays late in the office. Then everybody now has been asking me to go to the event. Since my boyfriend has not yet responded to my text message, I thought I pass by the event then ask him to proceed to the event as well. Our manager, Mr Mike, which we happen to bumped into the elevator, promptly told me that I go along with him since he will bring his car anyway. I then started to get suspicious, since I did receive a message from Jo that she is happy for my birthday and congratulations to us, but she is apologetic that she can’t come. Hmm… But I then thought that, probably she was just happy for us and for my birthday.

When we arrived at the event, my suspicions were gone since everybody just seem to be doing their usual thing in parties, laughing out loud and singing. Lanie was also the host of the event. At the middle of the party, she asked me to go up the stage and sit on the chair that they have brought at the stage. Then the giling boys (Vermon, Lito, Migs, JP) came in the party, oh my gosh! I was honored that they have prepared this dance number.

All the sudden, they blind folded me. I suddenly heard wailing, everybody was screaming as if a celebrity has come to the party. I came to the impression that a macho dancer was hired for the party. They have asked me to touch somebody’s body parts, I was haha screaming and so hesitant to lay my hands! Then after that, I was so surprised, somebody was singing our favorite song, and I recognize the voice, its was my boyfriend! The body parts that they asked me to touch was actually also him, and my office mates was wise to instruct him not to wear his perfume.

Macho Dancer

After the event, we went to another venue to have “2 bottles” of beer, the counting of which came out to be the first and last bottle 😉

It was a very memorable day, I was elated that everybody has made the effort for this party. Thank you so  much guys! 🙂

Bridal Shower by Dear Friends…



Just about a week after the bridal shower thrown by my office mates, my friends scheduled a bridal shower for me. It was held in Karen’s house (my Maid of Honor). I was also honored that they have made this effort as well and thanks to Karen for organizing this event! I have so much use of the gifts that you have guys given! 😉

Thanks Divine, Karen, Alma, Tin and Kristine, see you guys soon! 🙂


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