Villa Escudero (San Pablo, Laguna)


Its a bright, sunny and hot Sunday! Where to go? We decided to go to Villa Escudero. We were reminiscing the last time we were there… Our feet in the water while watching the falls and having refreshments. 

 We arrived at Villa Escudero mid-afternoon. Day tour is Php 1,000. If we arrived lunchtime, we could have availed for the lunch buffet. But thats alright, we anyway just wanted a relaxing Sunday afternoon 😊  

Since the afternoon heat still prevails, we decided to hide from the sun by having a tour at the Church Museum. The museum features a wide variety of items: religous icons, preserved insects and animals, letters of Sening Escudero to Conching Escudero, dolls representing various nationalities, outfit of Phillipines Presidents (from Emilio Aguinaldo), old Japanese war suits, etc. Taking pictures is not allowed in the museum. 

Church Museum

Next stop: Labasin Waterfalls Restaurant via Carabao Transport  


Country songs were sung by a lady in Filipiniana dress while a man plays a guitar. We were entertained by their serenade during our short trip 😊

Its a good thing that we’re wearing slippers,  we can go to the waterfalls restaurant with foot wears on. 


The water gushing between our toes felt just right. We ordered food and drinks then enjoyed the cool ambiance. I’m loving the sound of the waterfalls and wished that our workplace has the same ambiance πŸ˜›

Labasin Waterfalls Restaurant


We wanted to stay a bit longer, but in 45 minutes, Villa Escudero will close. We then headed to the Rafting Area. 

 At the rafting dock, there was a family enjoying fishing. After catching fishes, they throw them back  to the lake. 
Before leaving Villa Escudero, we passed by the Indie Cafe and the pool. The Indie Cafe is just  along  the lake and has this great view. 

Indie Cafe


We also passed by the House Museum and also took wacky pictures with the tanks and war relics. 

House Museum


Bye for now Villa Escudero, we’ll visit again soon! 😊 


An Apple Everyday Keeps the Boredom Away


My husband and I have been a fan of the iphone for two years now.

I started with the iphone 3GS (8 gigabytes) in Y2010. I thought that 8 gigabytes will be more than enough. I was thinking that I’ll anyway just use it for sms, calls, taking pictures and a couple of games. The application available for iphone grew. I have found myself wishing that I should have chosen the highest capacity so I can download all the applications that I found useful and games that I found so entertaining.

I was so fond with my new iphone that I asked my family for a x carlink so I can play music from my iphone and as well serve as a car charger. My x carlink was very useful, I get to play music from my iphone and as well get to charge my iphone while on transit.

We usually love to do roadtrips. Google maps of the iphone is very useful. We have relied on it to reach our place of destination. If you’re not subscribed to unli data surf (I’m using this term since we’re both Globe network subacribers), we suggest that you download the Citimaps application of the iphone. You can download the map that covers your place of destination, phone signal is the only connection that you need to use this application, no need to connect to the internet.

Even in our travel abroad, we have relied on google maps and citimaps! However take caution using the GPS abroad, our phone bill was 4 times our usual monthly bill when we got home.

After a year, I shifted to an iphone 4. The iphone market grow fast that my iphone 3GS’s market value in one year’s time is just 1/4 of its acquisition price. Iphone 4s then was already in the market which have added to the decrease in market value of the iphone 3GS.

In less than 1 year after I bought my iphone 4, iphone 5 was introduced to the market. I was having second thoughts if I will again upgrade my iphone. I thought that well I probably should not.

The iphone 5 launch in the Philippines via the Globe network was last December 14, 2012. Two weeks before the launch, we were curious of the iphone 5. We checked out the network’s website and have found that iphone 5 reservations can be done through their website. We realized a good deal, we can get an iphone 5 by re-contracting our phone plans for another two years, have our phone plan upgraded to an unli data plan (limitless internet browsing) and a cashout of 1/4 the phone’s price. We were able to join the launch and have painstakingly and patiently waited in line for 10 hours. Mine was white while my husband chose black. We instantly bought phone casings. I got myself a Viva Madrid casing (colored yellow and blue) Its a very useful casing, it has a provision as phone stand and it has a front cover. You can use the phone stand for facetime while driving.

There was one dilemma when we shifted to iphone 5, the 30-pin port is now a lightning port. My x carlink and my husband’s JBL music player and docking station is now useless. We now need to buy an adaptor from 30-pin to lightning. The adaptor for docking stations sold like pancakes and it was difficult to look for one. I was fortunate to have the last stock in a store. When I saw it on display, I grabbed it. About 10 seconds later, a customer went in the store inquiring for the same product. I paid for it immediately to ensure that its mine πŸ™‚

The adaptor worked perfectly. I was able to play music and have my phone charged at the same time.


My iphone do take my boredom away and as well have increased my productivity. I have everything in one device. I have my maps, calendar, books, email, games, bills and budget trackers, photos and a lot more! My communication with my husband who is periodically out of country is through imessage and facetime, a phone bill saver!

For iphone users, to enjoy applications that are not free, I suggest that you download the AppsGoneFree application. It will alert you of applications that will be free of charge when downloaded and the duration when its free.

I have recently downloaded Halftone. Its a paid application but was affered free for a limited time. The application is very entertaining, it actually will stimulate your creative side. Download it as well and enjoy the same as I do πŸ™‚

If you also have a great iphone experience, would love to hear from you πŸ™‚

A Happy New Y2013 Indeed

A Happy New Y2013 Indeed

This was our first time to celebrate the New Year as husband and wife. We celebrated the New Year in my parents-in-law’s house together with my sister-in-law and her husband. We had a happy celebration.

To reserve our energy when celebrating the New Year, we planned to have all the food cooked outside and cook a little only. Seafood was the major course with a couple of other dishes such as pork, but not chicken. Not chicken, since there was a saying that chicken may bring a “One Kahig, Isang Tuka” luck to the family. All the seafood dishes were cooked from Dampa (in Paranaque), the chosen dishes were crabs in oyster sauce, shrimps in garlic sauce, kamaron (breaded shirmp) and calamares (breaded squid).


The dessert was a pan of leche flan, oozing with caramel on top.

The dishes were all placed in a chafing dish, and were warmed by a burner using fuel jelly. The smell of the seafood aroma made our stomachs crumble, but we saved our appetites after hearing mass.

We were early at church and have occupied one pew. It was my first time to hear mass in my husband’s village, they have a very nice church. They say that first timers can make three wishes. I only made one wish, hope it will come true πŸ™‚

After hearing mass, we look forward to our New Year dishes, but before we change to comfortable clothes, we opted to have our Christmas/New Year pictures taken first.



My husband was then excited for fireworks. He suddenly changed to comfortable clothing and made his way to the pile of firecrackers. We started with the “kwitis” and Roman Candle. I was actually scared coming near firecrackers, but thought that taking firecracker photos will be a challenge.

Of course before lighting up firecrackers, my husband was geared up for safety. As TV advertisements would say “Safety First”!


The “kwitis” were lined up to an old corrugated sheet pointing upwards. I had fun catching the firecracker trail when it soars high up to the sky.


Excited for the boom boom boom!

Excited for the boom boom boom!

It was only 15 minutes to January 1, 2013, and we were all anticipating the colorful fireworks in the sky. Our cameras are ready and set to for our creative fireworks shot.

Camera settings: ISO 100 with an exposure of 5

Camera settings: ISO 100 with an exposure of 5

Camera settings: ISO 100 with an exposure of 5, the lens is in circles during the exposure

Camera settings: ISO 100 with an exposure of 5, the lens is in circles during the exposure

When our firecrackers were already consumed, we went inside the house to review our shots. However, our creativity mode is still active and we want to make more creative shots. My husband, together with my sister-in-law and his husband played with the camera.

Using Plumplum's musical wand; Camera settings: ISO 100 at an exposure of 10 seconds

Using Plumplum’s musical wand; Camera settings: ISO 100 at an exposure of 10 seconds

Camera settings: ISO 100 at an exposure of 10 seconds

Camera settings: ISO 100 at an exposure of 10 seconds

Camera settings: ISO 100 with an exposure of 20 seconds

Camera settings: ISO 100 with an exposure of 20 seconds

We lastly tried to write names, using long exposure and we were successful on this. The camera settings of the pictures below is ISO 100 at an exposure of 20 seconds.




We were proud with the result of our creative shots that we weren’t able to keep track of time. We slept at about 4am in the morning. Though we’re still in the mood to post our shots in facebook, our eyes are already droopy. Its time to take a rest.

Welcome Y2013, we are excited with the things that are in store for us!

… I hope that the wish that I made in my first church visit will come true πŸ™‚

Our Love of Photography


Before, taking pictures was an ordinary thing for me, using a digital camera would be fine as long as faces of the subjects are clear in the proofs.

Two years back, when my husband (then boyfriend) and I switched to iphones, he started to get interested with photography. The reason for this is he got fond of the results of the iphone camera. With his eagerness to obtain more vivid photos, he got himself a DLSR two months after.

He then got passionate with photography that he switched DLSRs until he was satisfied with one, the Nikon D7000. Our trips and travels would usually be photoshoots of sceneries. He would also let me hold his camera and teach me how to use it. I as well suddenly got interested with photography that I also wanted a DLSR!

I then bought my own DLSR, my first was the Nikon 3100. He suggested this brand and model so we can switch camera lenses. I tried to learn and improve my photography skills eversince I got my own camera.


Our pre-nuptial pictures include our D.I.Y. photos which we made sure to be included in our coffee table album and AVP.


When we got married, we got fond of travelling. We have travelled a lot, and DLSRs are very handy. You can produce photos the way you want the results to be.


(Picture Perfect photo soon to be posted)

Photography has become our hobby. My husband has even learned and mastered post photo processing just to bring out the best in all his shots. With his passion for photography, he has made submissions to the Manila Bulletin’s Picture Perfect to by chance have his best post-processed photo featured. His wish was granted on Valentine’s Day of Y2012, his photo was feautred in Manila Bulletin’s Picture Perfect.

He invested on camera lenses and camera accessories to produce better pictures of sceneries. It was only recently that he got interested taking portrait pictures. To produce good portrait pictures, he then invested on light stands, softbox, flash bender, reflectors and the umbrella. My husband even upgraded my DLSR to a Nikon D90, so I can get better photos and have a better handle when changing camera settings. I’m happy with my upgraded camera πŸ™‚

Realizing that he already has most of the gears to produce good portrait and sceneries pictures, the idea of putting up a photography services business surfaced.

Together with my husband, myself and my sister-in-law, we already have covered four events in a period of two months. The events are: a Luncheon Meeting, Baptism, Debut and Birthday Party. We are looking forward to cover a Wedding, hopefully we get to engage one, one of these days πŸ™‚


I am currently improving on my post photo processing skills. Yes, I’m as well hooked to photography and post photo processing. There is joy in seeing good results and being able to capture the best moments in an event and in seeing our clients satisfied smile while browsing through the proofs πŸ™‚

You may view the photos resulting from the events that we have covered at:

Chemical Pregnancy


When my husband and I got married we both looked forward to having a child, and we really want it the soonest time possible. We were so fond of our niece Plumplum that we want a kid of our own.

A few years back before we got married, which probably could be due to the call of motherhood, I would stare at a kid wishing I would have my own one day. The thought has lingered for some time until we got married. While we wait for our little one to be conceived, we enjoyed each other’s company by travelling and enjoying photography.


To be exact, come November 20, 2012, I did a home kit pregnancy test since I am already 3 days late my monthly period. I would know that I am delayed since I am in a 28 days cycle. I could say that morning was the happiest day of my life, I tested positive for pregnancy! I then texted my husband, who is out of the country the good news, and he couldn’t believe that our wish has been granted. We were both so happy! Out of excitement he eagerly searched for baby names.

While driving to the office, I was in such a happy mood that I was willing to give up office poise (goodbye high heeled shoes) and figure (hello rice!) for our baby. My mother and mother-in-law was infomed of the good news and they were very happy.

My husband and I were planning to visit Japan during that time. I already have submitted the VISA requirements a day before I found out I was positive for pregnancy. I thought that our little bundle’s first travel will be in Japan πŸ™‚

I suddenly felt the urgency to visit an Obigyny (OB) on the same day due to pink discharges that I have found. Since my regular OB did not have clinic hours on that day in the nearby hospital, I opted to the OB of my officemate’s wife which was highly recommended. I was asked to take two (2) weeks bed rest due to the spotting. I was shot with progesterone hormones and have taken progesterone gels/capsules to keep the blood in my uterus and a medication to relax the muscles in my uterus (Duvadilan). I ate healthy foods and have literally rested on bed.

While I rested on bed, my mom and the rest of the family have taken good care of me. Cooked healthy foods for me and have given foods that I crave. My brother learned to cook pancakes because I requested pancakes πŸ™‚

On the weekend of that same week, I asked to be rushed to the hospital due to excessive spotting. I was so afraid, I thought I would lose our baby. Our doctor was phoned by a resident who attended to me to report my case and I was recommended to ensure that I make my follow-up check-up the following week.

My sister and my mom, even though how busy their schedule is will give way to accompany me to the hospital since I thought that driving might stess me out and add may trigger spotting.

During my follow-up check-up, Transvaginal Ultrasound revealed that there is no sac and my uterus is less thick as compared the week before. My doctor ruled out pregnancy. Sadness have not yet enveloped me during that moment, however when I see babies, baby picture frames and when I go to sleep at night, I feel the sadness and can’t help to cry.

I still thank God for the wonderful feeling of motherhood anticipation, I guess God just gave me a nudge on how it would feel to be a parent. My husband was also saddened. We still look forward when a baby will be granted to us. We know that in God’s time our little bundle will go back. He or she is probably still in heaven with Plumplum, waiting for God’s time. We will wait for you anak πŸ™‚

My Bridal Shower


Magazine Shot

Its only about a month more to go before our big day. I was busy with preparations and doing wedding detail checks. I was happy and excited as all bride will feel.

Nothing could have felt more good with people around you feeling the same way for you. I was overwhelmed with the Bridal Shower thrown by my dear friends and adorable office mates. The effort exerted, the happiness that they also feel and their excitement made me feel very special.

I always cherish happy thoughts, I consider these my drive to look forward for more to come.



Bridal Shower by Officements….Β 

I still remember the exact date, it was on January 20, 2012. A week before this, Lanie our party organizer, have sent an email to all saying that there will be a party for the January birthday celebrants. Everybody then anticipated this event. January 20 is a Friday, since my then boyfriend (now husband) is in the country, we usually try to maximize time, so I am usually in a hurry to leave the office at 5pm.

All through out the day, most of them would ask if I could make it to the party, to which I always respond to “I’ll try”. Come 5pm, Marcel (my husband’s Β friend too)Β was in a hurry to go to the event, which I find odd because he usually stays late in the office. Then everybody now has been asking me to go to the event. Since my boyfriend has not yet responded to my text message, I thought I pass by the event then ask him to proceed to the event as well. Our manager, Mr Mike, which we happen to bumped into the elevator, promptly told me that I go along with him since he will bring his car anyway. I then started to get suspicious, since I did receive a message from Jo that she is happy for my birthday and congratulations to us, but she is apologetic that she can’t come. Hmm… But I then thought that, probably she was just happy for us and for my birthday.

When we arrived at the event, my suspicions were gone since everybody just seem to be doing their usual thing in parties, laughing out loud and singing. Lanie was also the host of the event. At the middle of the party, she asked me to go up the stage and sit on the chair that they have brought at the stage. Then the giling boys (Vermon, Lito, Migs, JP) came in the party, oh my gosh! I was honored that they have prepared this dance number.

All the sudden, they blind folded me. I suddenly heard wailing, everybody was screaming as if a celebrity has come to the party. I came to the impression that a macho dancer was hired for the party. They have asked me to touch somebody’s body parts, I was haha screaming and so hesitant to lay my hands! Then after that, I was so surprised, somebody was singing our favorite song, and I recognize the voice, its was my boyfriend! The body parts that they asked me to touch was actually also him, and my office mates was wise to instruct him not to wear his perfume.

Macho Dancer

After the event, we went to another venue to have “2 bottles” of beer, the counting of which came out to be the first and last bottle πŸ˜‰

It was a very memorable day, I was elated that everybody has made the effort for this party. Thank you so Β much guys! πŸ™‚

Bridal Shower by Dear Friends…



Just about a week after the bridal shower thrown by my office mates, my friends scheduled a bridal shower for me. It was held in Karen’s house (my Maid of Honor). I was also honored that they have made this effort as well and thanks to Karen for organizing this event! I have so much use of the gifts that you have guys given! πŸ˜‰

Thanks Divine, Karen, Alma, Tin and Kristine, see you guys soon! πŸ™‚